Celebrating 1 Year as Co-Directors!

Today marks one year since Germán Parodi and Shaylin Sluzalis received the torch as the Co-Executive Directors of The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies!

As an organization, we have grown. The Partnership has:

Thank you to everyone who financially supported us through this past year. Your support allowed us to conduct three deployments to the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian; organize 202 consecutive and ongoing Disability Rights & COVID-19 Daily Calls; respond to countless Hotline calls during the pandemic and concurrent disasters, including, but not limited to, Hurricane Laura and the West Coast wildfires.

We would like to welcome our new Board Members, as well as thank our founding Board President, Valerie Novack, who have helped us grow and strengthen our capacity to meet the ongoing needs of the disability community before, during, and after disasters.  

And thank you to all of you who participate in our weekly and daily stakeholder calls. Your commitment has resulted in advocacy that has influenced policy and promoted inclusive emergency management. This year has demonstrated that we are strongest when we work together. 

We are grateful for our partners and the collaborations that help us move mountains to transport life-sustaining equipment, such as wheelchairs, catheter supplies, and other durable medical equipment, to disaster-impacted people with disabilities and older adults. Disaster recovery truly is long-term and takes a village. Case in point: this week, we facilitated the delivery of a wheelchair to a disabled child in the Bahamas! 

We are especially thankful for individual donors whose contributions added up to over $13,000 in this year, and for those who respond to our calls for supplies in the aftermath of disasters. Your contributions go directly to disaster-impacted people with disabilities and older adults.

We look forward to another successful year!

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