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Media – Ukraine Crisis

Fight for Right typographic logo, with yellow Ukrainian typography, and black typography for English. Fight for Right, a Ukrainian disability-led organization, has focused on disability community-building, advocacy, education, access, and human rights since its inception. Now with the war and the increasingly dire situation for people with disabilities, Fight for Right has been working around the clock to evacuate Ukrainians with disabilities and support those who have evacuated to nearby countries following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Media Spotlight


In the News

  • (4/19/22) Morning Star: "Disabled Ukrainians trapped in the country lacking proper care or the basic supplies, activist warns" - Bethany Rielly
  • (4/18/22) The New Humanitarian: "Here’s what Ukrainians with disabilities face as we cope with war" - Olha Telna
  • (4/11/22) Al Jazeera: "War in Ukraine: What support do people with disabilities need?" | The Stream - Femi Oke
  • (4/6/22) INSIDER: "I fled Ukraine with a disability. It was scary and humiliating, so I'm helping others plan safer escapes" - Ryan Prior
  • (4/5/22) Zona de Prensa: "Una historia de terror que se desarrolla: la población discapacitada de Ucrania se ha quedado atrás" - Oliver Barker
  • (4/4/22) MSN: "An unfolding horror story: Ukraine’s disabled population has been left behind" - Ian Birrell
  • (4/2/22) OKO.press: "How activists and NGOs help people with disabilities escape from Ukraine. No system help" - Aleksandra Lipczak
  • (3/31/22) Bloomberg: "Disabled Ukrainians Are Left Behind Amid War, Activists Say" - Damian Shepherd
  • (3/31/22) North East Bylines: "Fleeing war is bad enough, but how does it work for the black, disabled and LGBTQ+ communities?" - Carol Westall
  • (3/31/22) TIME: "The Informal International Network Getting Disabled Ukrainians Out of the War Zone" - Eloise Barry
  • (3/29/22) Huck Magazine: "In Ukraine, people with disabilities cannot escape war. Crisis within a crisis" - Eva Clifford
  • (3/20/22) Philadelphia Inquirer: "With help from Philly, disabled Ukrainians seek escape from war" - Jason Laughlin
  • (3/18/22) SABC News: "Russia-Ukraine | Impact of the conflict on people with disabilities: Anna Landre" 
  • (3/17/22) Forbes: "Ukrainians With Disabilities At Breaking Point As Russian Onslaught Bears Down" - Gus Alexiou
  • (3/11/22) New Mobility: "As Millions Flee, Disabled Ukrainians Forced to Fend for Themselves" - Seth McBride
  • (3/10/22) The New York Times: “Evacuating Ukrainians with disabilities presents a range of difficulties”- Marc Santora
  • (3/9/22) The Washington Post: "From Ukrainians with disabilities comes a desperate plea: ‘We have no chance without help'"Theresa Vargas 
  • (3/8/22) MSNBC: "Humanitarian efforts aren't doing enough to evacuate Ukrainians with disabilities" - Liz Plank
  • (3/8/22) Independent: "Millions with disabilities ‘abandoned’ in Ukraine, charities fear" - Rebecca ThomasMay Bulman
  • (3/2/22) Irish Mirror: "Ukrainian woman says people with disabilities 'left behind' after 'almost impossible' journey across the border" - Michelle Cullen 


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March 31, 2022

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Ukrainians with Disabilities
March 10, 2022

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