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The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies ("The Partnership") offers a wide array of emergency, disaster, and resilience programs and services. We can help communities, organizations, corporations, and governments achieve and maintain equity and full inclusion for people with disabilities and people with access and functional needs before, during, and after disasters and emergencies.

We are the disability-led resource hub for all matters related to people with disabilities throughout all phases of disasters and emergencies.

Graphic: symbol depicting 4 head-and-shoulders images of diverse people. Three of the images are smaller and in black and white; the 4th image stands out, in color, of a woman with brown skin and black hair. Text: "1 in 4 people in the US are disabled."
Graphic: A triangle with an exclamation point inside represents danger. To one side are images of two people, representing non-disabled people. To the other side are images of 8 people, representing people with disabilities. Text: "People with disabilities are 2-to-4 times more likely to die or be injured in a disaster, emergency, or crisis than non-disabled people."
Graphic: a globe, as seen from space, with the entire globe on fire. Text: "Climate Change is causing disasters to increase in frequency and intensity."
Two yellow highlight boxes with The Partnership's logo in the corner. Textbox 1: "We have a track record as a resource hub for all matters related to people with disabilities throughout all phases of disasters and emergencies for disabled people, DLOs, CBOs, emergency management, public health, and federal government entities." Textbox 2: "Leading inclusive change, navigating complex systems and eliminating barriers to emergency and disaster programs and services for people with disabilities."
Mulicolored text reads: "We provide services to help you in: Increasing preparedness and resiliency; Developing tools and practices; Reducing your risk to disasters; Revolutionizing your emergency planning." The first letters (IDRR) correspond to the acronym below: "Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction"

The Partnership is the only organization focused solely on the rights and needs of people with disabilities throughout disasters, emergencies, and crises. 

Our services include American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) captions. We also offer Spanish or other language translation and live captions in the respective language. All deliverables are customized to meet your organization's needs related to disability-inclusive emergency management. Costs are scalable and flexible based on needs, budget, and capacity.

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