A Letter from the Co-Executive Directors

We are eager for the New Year where we will continue our collective fight for the rights, needs, and inclusion of people with disabilities before, during, and after disasters and emergencies. We share our accomplishments in the 2021: Year In Review.

As we begin 2022, extreme weather continues to strike across the country and the globe. Disabled and multiply-marginalized people with disabilities continue to be disproportionately impacted. In the US, COVID has killed over 860,000 people, mostly who have been Black, Brown, and Indigenous people with disabilities. We continue to be expendable and at the margins of response. We're only beginning to experience the chronic effects of the climate crisis and people with disabilities die and are injured 2-to-4 times more likely than non-disabled people.

The Partnership is the only disability-led organization with a focused mission on equity for people with disabilities and people with access and functional needs throughout all planning, programs, services and procedures before, during and after disasters and emergencies.

This year, support disaster-impacted people with disabilities by:

Climate change and consequent disasters will only get worse, but you have the opportunity to make a difference. Your collaboration will help save lives of disabled people in your community and build a stronger future.

As always, thank you for your support. Our life-saving work is only possible because of you.

With appreciation,

Shaylin Sluzalis & Germán Parodi

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