Urgent: Florida & Maui Need Your Help NOW

As Hurricane Idalia churns through the Gulf, communities in Florida face impending danger for the second time in less than a year. At the same time, our work continues with those still recovering from wildfires on Maui. In this dual crisis, we need your help to make sure response and recovery is equitable for all.

Hurricane Idalia:

Satellite image of Hurricane Idalia approaching the Gulf coast of Florida.
Satellite image of Hurricane Idalia on Tuesday morning (Courtesy: NOAA)

Hurricane Idalia is racing towards Florida, potentially bringing over 10 feet of storm surge and high winds to a large swath of the state. As always, we are in communication and collaboration with the Florida Independent Living (IL) Network as their communities prepare for Idalia’s impact. Will you help us advocate for each other? Donating, advocating, and amplifying every voice is crucial to response and recovery. To our friends, family, and colleagues in Idalia’s path, please pay attention to your alerts and warnings, and follow official guidance and safety recommendations from your local emergency management agency. 


Maui Update:

Two images side by side showing before and after the wildfires on Maui. The left image is an aerial view shows historic Lahaina town in western Maui, with its historic banyan tree at center, before wildfires razed the area. The right image is an aerial view that shows the iconic banyan tree along with destroyed homes, boats, and buildings burned to the ground in the historic town of Lahaina in the aftermath of wildfires on western Maui on August 10.
Image from San Francisco Chronical | Google Earth Pro / Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

Our collaborative work with Aloha Independent Living Hawai'i and the Maui Disability Task Force continues. We’re successfully meeting needs as identified by the Maui Disability Task Force, and strengthening their capacity to continue the response. Your support has already made an impact. Together, we can ensure timely aid for people with disabilities becomes the norm, not the exception. The networks we are co-creating on Maui can help set the standard for equitable and inclusive response.


The Partnership is a promise to our community that we will support each other, learn from our previous work, and share information and resources freely. We are committed to the disability community in these times of climate chaos.


How You Can Help

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(English) English on left, Spanish on right side. (Spanish/español) Inglés en la izquierda, español a la derecha. English image description first, español más abajo English: A graphic depicting a smart phone screen in the corner, displaying The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies' logo. The background contains a gradation from light blue to blue-green. Text over these colors reads: "Disabled, impacted by a disaster, and need help? Call/text the Disability and Disaster Hotline. 800-626-4959 or hotline@disasterstrategies.org. #DisabLedResponse."  Spanish: Una gráfica que muestra una pantalla de teléfono inteligente en la esquina, con el logotipo del Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies. El fondo tiene una graduación de azul claro a azul verdoso. Texto sobre estos colores dice: "¿Discapacitade afectade por un desastre y necesita ayuda? Llame/text La Línea Directa de Discapacidad y Desastre. 800-626-4959  o hotline@disasterstrategies.org. #DisabLedResponse.

Our Disability & Disaster Hotline connects disabled disaster survivors and their loved ones with information, resources, and assistance throughout disasters and emergencies. 
Call / Text: 800-626-4959
Email: Hotline@disasterstrategies.org

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