Twelvetide Drabbles Challenge 2021

Twelvetide Drabbles Challenge 2021

December 24th, 2021 - January 6th, 2022

Write or draw, and raise money for
The Partnership!

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies was selected again this year to be the recipient of the proceeds from a writing challenge, The Twelvetide Drabbles. The Twelvetide Drabble Challenge is a fourteen-day challenge to raise money by creating works in response to daily prompts and submitting them to a collection. People can then pledge money per creative piece to help raise money for The Partnership.

You can get involved in two ways

  1. Create and Submit Works. Anyone may create works -- written works, artworks, or audio-visual works -- and submit them to the collection during the challenge period. The Archive of Our Own collection will open for posting submissions starting at 9:00am ET on December 24, 2021 until 9:00pm ET on January 6, 2022.
    If you have or choose to create an Archive of Our Own account you are able to post works directly to the collection.
    If you don’t have or don’t wish to create an Archive of Our Own account you may submit works through this Google form and the challenge coordinator will post on your behalf.
  2. Pledge to Donate. You may pledge to donate an amount of money ($0.05, $0.10, $0.50, etc.) per each work created and added to the collection during the challenge period. When the challenge closes at 9:00 pm EST (UTC -5) on January 6th, 2022 the works will be counted up and those who pledged will be notified of the tallied up amount of their pledge donation. Donations may be made in a single lump sum or by installments.

You can pledge your donations here!

The Twelvetide Drabbles Challenge interprets the idea of a “drabble” generally to mean a short, no-pressure work that gives you the opportunity to be expressive in whatever time you have in your day. A drabble can be written fiction, a piece of art, or an audio-visual composition; you have the power to choose what it is for you.

To learn more about how you can get involved in the Twelvetide Drabble Challenge, click here. See below more information, rules, and spoilers for the daily prompts.

Throughout the challenge a daily newsletter will go out with a prompt reminder, an update about how many works have been posted and funds raised, links to contributed works, and more. Anyone may sign up to receive the updates here and/or read past newsletters here.

Social Media Hashtags: We encourage people to share their work(s) and share the challenge through their social networks. The hashtags are: #TwelvetideDrabbles and #12td21

Thank you to Twelvetide Drabble Challenge founder, Anna Clutterbuck-Cook for selecting The Partnership to be the recipient again this year!

If you have questions you can email Anna Clutterbuck-Cook at or follow her on Twitter @feministlib.

Last year the Drabble Challenge brought in 184 works that raised a record-breaking $1,472! Lets break another record this year!

Thank you for your ongoing support of The Partnership and happy creating!

Twelvetide Drabbles Rules: 
  1. All textual entries should be short (100 words is, strictly speaking, the length of a may hold yourself to that or just keep it brief).
  2. All art should be a single image.
  3. Audiovisual submissions should be a single file; they will need to be uploaded to another platform and embedded in the body of the Ao3 work.
  4. You may post multiple prompt fills per prompt; you do not have to post fills for every prompt. Participate at any level that works for you. You also don't need to post your prompt fills on the specific day for each fill (unless you want to hold yourself to that goal). We're flexible!
  5. Entries should be in response to / inspired by the day's prompt however directly, loosely, or subversively you wish to draw the connection.
  6. In order to count toward the drabble match donation, works must be posted between 9:00am EST (UST -5) on 24 December 2021 and 9:00pm EST (UST -5) on 6 January 2022. The collection at Ao3 will only be open for new works during this window of time.
  7. If you choose to publish some or all of your prompt fills as chapters in a single work each chapter will count as an independent submission for the purposes of the match fund.
  8. There aren't any other rules -- thanks for joining us!
Challenge Prompts
SPOILERS BELOW: If you prefer to wait for the prompts to arrive daily in your Inbox, read no further!

This year's theme is locations. The daily newsletters will include prompt-related images and quotations/lyrics as additional creative inspiration for those who desire a bit more structure. Interpret the prompts as loosely or as strictly as you see fit.

December 24: Coffeeshop or Tearoom
December 25: Train
December 26: School or University
December 27: Garden
December 28: Holiday Market
December 29: Forest
December 30: Cabin or Cottage
December 31: Bedroom
January 1: Pub or Bar
January 2: Bookshop
January 3: Beach or Waterfront
January 4: Museum or Gallery
January 5: Street
January 6: Theatre or Stage

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