COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Disability Community Wide Resources:

Since the release of our community-wide National Disability Rights Call To Action on March 3rd, there has been a lot of great disability and emergency focused advocacy work from disability-led and disability focused organizations, groups, and advocates from all over the nation and the world.

We, at The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies are thankful for the community that unites alongside us and amplifies the disability community wide priorities and enforcing our civil rights before, during, and after disasters and emergencies.

We have been cataloging a COVID-19 disability focused Community-Wide Resource List of all the great systems advocacy tools, templates, call to actions, information, media coverage, webinars, and more that are being published and released by and throughout the community.

See below an evolving, community-wide resource document that is updated continuously, and share your COVID and disability-related resources to be added with us at

COVID-19 Disability Community Wide Resources:

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