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Some Considerations for Inclusive Planning

Below are some guiding questions for emergency managers and public health officials to consider when planning / creating inclusive plans. 

Ask yourself / your team: 

Do notification and warning systems provide equally effective communication?

Do you have contracts in place for American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and Caption Access Real-time Translation (CART) captioners for public broadcasts and in shelters?

Do you have contracts in place with Personal Assistant Services (PAS) and Direct Support Provider (DSP) agencies for shelters?

Do you have contracts in place with transportation providers in order to provide accessible transportation when offering transportation to the general public? 

Note: when providing transportation to the general public, you MUST also provide accessible transportation accommodations to people who need it.

Do you have a list of what and where shelters are ADA compliant and otherwise accessible?

Do you promote this to the community during a disaster / emergency?

Do you have regular stakeholder meetings with local and state decision-makers and disability community stakeholders? (i.e. Centers for Independent Living, Protection and Advocacy Agency, Developmental Disabilities Council, grassroots organizations, etc.)

Do you have MOUs with local disability-led organizations to identify barriers and work on collaborative solutions?

When providing any disaster-related programs or services, are they inclusive of and accessible to people with disabilities?

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