Priya Penner- Bio

Woman wearing earphones smiling warmly.
Priya Penner smiling at the camera.
Priya Penner is a multiply-disabled queer activist of color, with grassroots organizing experience on the local, state, and national levels. Hailing from snowy Upstate NY, Penner learned about disability pride and disability rights at a very young age from her disabled adopted mother, Jean. She spent several years using her knowledge of the Independent Living philosophy to organize on the grassroots level with national disability rights organization, ADAPT, as well as on the local collegiate level.

Penner joined the Partnership in June of 2020 to help ensure those in marginalized communities, especially those who are multiply-marginalized, are heard within the disaster relief field. She is excited to use her expansive knowledge in organizing and disability rights to further the Partnership’s mission and values.
In her nonexistent free time, Penner loves to go on car trips with her fiancée, play with her two cats, and yell obscenities at her TV when playing video games.
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