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Katie Pechon – Bio

My name is Katie Pechon. I was your typical stay at home mom. Got married, had two little girls and have been blessed to be their mommy ever since. Then in 2016 the Great Flood hit Louisiana. Mainly west of where I lived at the time. But I couldn’t sit by and not get involved. So I got onto a Zello channel and everything changed that moment. My volunteer efforts would never be the same. I run boat rescues, supply needs, shelter needs and much more. I have had the pleasure of working with individuals all of the US, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Many of those areas include LEO’s, first responders, state and local officials and other NGO members. In 2016 I took a call for medical supplies coming in for Trach Mommas of Louisiana. This was a 3 ton load of medical supplies that called for 7 trucks and 7 flat bed trailers to have it all moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. After that my work and relationship with Trach Mommas started. Due to that relationship building I also have had the ability of joining in with Paul Timmons and Marcie Roth from Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies and the Partnership. After a wonderful relationship for two years and working many storms and ops together Paul Timmons asked if I would be interested in stepping up as a board member for the Partnership. Over the last few years I have been heavily involved with many name hurricanes as well as volunteering with my very dear friend Chris King and his organization Cajun Army and the gutting and mucking of homes. All of this work has been far more rewarding than I ever imagined. Today I am a proud board member for Trach Mommas, The Partnership and the Vice President for Triton Relief Group. 

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