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Emergency Preparedness and People with Disabilities in Connecticut

This interactive and dynamic training series will jump-start the important process of emergency planning and preparedness that is truly inclusive for older residents, and those with disabilities in your community.

An overview:

Training Module One, June 15: Overview of Disability Bias For Emergency Management Planning Professionals

  • Why people with disabilities are left out of disaster planning
  • People with access and functional needs (AFN)
  • Discussion of disability bias and sensitivity

Training Module Two, June 22: Legal Obligations Of Emergency Management To People With Disabilities During Planning for Preparation, Mitigation, Response and Recovery Surrounding Disasters

  • Overview of disability rights laws
  • Definition of disability under the ADA
  • Obligations to provide accessible programs and services in disasters and emergencies with examples, explanations, discussion, and strategies


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The Partnership is the nation's disability-led inclusive emergency management subject matter experts. We are your resource hub before -during -and after disasters. 


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