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Accessible POD Reminders

Accessibility Reminders for Points of Distribution (PODs) of Emergency Supplies

Some of these reminders represent best practices for accessibility, not all of these are legal requirements.

1. Parking & Entry

  • Are there an adequate amount of accessible parking spots (1 per every 25)?
    • Are there clear and well-marked signs for accessible parking spots?
    • Are these spots close to the entrance?
  • Are paths to the entrance clear and easy to use?
    • Ensure the path from the parking to the door isn’t muddy, bumpy, or has wide cracks. It should be level and solid.
  • Is there a drop-off space that is flat and next to the parking lot?
  • If there is a curb between the parking and the path, is there a ramp for smooth transition?
  • Is there a smooth, non-slip path at least 36 inches wide leading to and through the entrance?
  • If there are doors to enter are they easy to use or propped open?

2. Pathways & Movement

  • Are there no steps or lips (greater than ¼ inch) at the entrance and throughout the site, and no steep slopes (1” height for 12” of rise) in the paths of travel? 
  • Are paths of travel at least 36 inches wide?
  • Are all paths of travel clear of obstacles?
  • Are there any protruding objects, such as water fountains, that could be a barrier?

3. Facilities & Amenities

  • Are there accessible bathrooms (adequate space, grab bars, and accessible sinks and toilets) or accessible portable bathrooms?
  • Are supplies organized so they’re easy to grab? 
    • Are there helpers if needed?

4. Waiting & Queuing

  • If there are long lines and many people are waiting, are there seats available?
    • Is there a policy to advance people with disabilities in line who may need it?
  • Is there a system, like giving numbers, to keep everyone’s spot in line secure?
  • If waiting outside, is there a shaded area with cooling options?

5. Communication & Assistance

  • Is there signage directing people where to go?
    • Do all signs have large text in contrasting colors?
  • Are sign language interpreters or is video relay interpreting (VRI) available for those who need them?
  • Are there helpers stationed at entrances and throughout the site to offer guide assistance as needed?

6. Delivery & Pickup

  • Can people call to get supplies delivered, with assistance for unloading and storing?
  • Is there messaging that informs people of home-delivery for people who can’t access a POD?
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