About the Partnership


The mission of the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies (the Partnership) is equal access to emergency programs and services and full inclusion of the whole community before, during and after disasters.

We achieve our mission through:

*Unwavering support for local disability organizations
*Community engagement, organizing and leadership development
*Advocacy and public policy
*Training and education
*Research and technical assistance

Who We Are

The Partnership is a coalition of local, national and global disability rights, emergency management, public health and community leaders and allies committed to equal access and whole community inclusion before, during and after disasters. The Partnership was founded in 2016 by Portlight Strategies, Inc. our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor. Our founders and members have a strong track record of protecting and advancing the rights of people with disabilities (26% of the US population) and over one billion people with disabilities across the globe. We have been leading humanitarian response and relief initiatives to meet the disability accessibility needs of disaster impacted individuals throughout catastrophic disasters and humanitarian response and relief for over twenty years.

The Partnership was founded to focus on disability inclusive emergency management community organizing, policy, advocacy and training. We work collaboratively with Portlight, our members and partners to lead change, navigate complex systems and eliminate barriers to equal access to emergency and disaster programs and services for people with disabilities.

Our coalition focuses on the access and functional needs of countless people who are disproportionately impacted in disasters due to inadequate planning, preparedness and accessibility. This includes people who may require assistance, accommodation or modification due to any situation (temporary or permanent) that limits their ability to take action in an emergency.

In addition to people with disabilities, this includes people who are marginalized, stigmatized or excluded, older adults, individuals with limited language proficiency, low literacy, temporary and chronic health conditions, pregnant women and people experiencing homelessness, limited access to transportation or the financial resources to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disaster.

Globally, we bring our expertise and leadership to disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, human rights, humanitarian action, strategic development, and resilient community initiatives.

Our US members lead disability rights initiatives in every congressional district and virtually every community across the country.

Our core values of equal access, inclusion and independence continually guide our work towards a future where community readiness is achieved and sustained for everyone through a shared and unwavering commitment to accessibility, universal design and reasonable accommodation before, during and after disasters.

This includes equal access and full inclusion throughout planning, exercises, alerts, notification, evacuation, transportation, sheltering, health maintenance, medical care and temporary housing.

This also includes maintaining a full commitment to equal access, inclusion and independence as disaster impacted people return home, to school, work and their community and it carries on throughout recovery and mitigation initiatives, led by the active and knowledgeable leadership of people with disabilities and fully informed by the community as a whole.

Experience has shown us that these values of access, inclusion and independence are imperatives for achieving and sustaining community-wide disaster resilience.

Founding Members




Our Programs and Services

The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies and our team of experts offer a wide array of emergency, disaster and resilience programs and services for communities, organizations, corporations and governments to achieve and maintain equal access and full inclusion before, during and after disasters.

  • Accessibility and Reasonable Accommodation Planning
  • After Action Reports
  • Capacity Building
  • Consultation/Subject Matter Experts on accessible alerts, registry alternatives, community, multistory building and school evacuation, communication access, sheltering, health maintenance, personal assistance, medical care, assistive devices, temporary and permanent housing, transportation, long-term recovery, readiness, resilience, universal design, reasonable accommodation & hazard mitigation
  • Continuity of Business Operations
  • Disaster Hotline- Immediate Needs
  • Disaster Response Teams
  • Emergency Plan Design and Review
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Funding
  • Evacuation and Shelter Accessibility Planning
  • Focus Groups
  • Gap Analysis
  • Getting It Right Conferences
  • Leadership Development and Fellowships
  • Legal and Regulatory Technical Assistance
  • Navigating public and private funding for preparedness, recovery and resilience
  • On-site, Remote and eLearning Training
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Research
  • School Safety Inclusive of Students, Teachers, Staff and Visitors with Disabilities
  • Stakeholder engagement and community organizing
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Testing, Simulation, Drills and Exercises

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